Reception – Year 6


Exploring traditional music and dance through cultural expression from Spanish speaking countries such as Cuba and Mexico with storytelling and games.


Students will learn the dance steps to salsa, tango, samba and rancheras, with Celia Cruz and many other captivating singers.


Join us in our detective’s adventure, embarking on an American journey as we try to find Uncle Tito! It’s so much fun! Interactive story in Spanish/English depending on teacher’s requirements.


Ideal 30 children, maximum 60 students, from 30 minutes to 1 hour duration.

All storytelling and workshops can be adjusted to cater for larger groups of students in Spanish, English or both languages, please ask for further information.





We have just had the most fantastic day with Juan Carlos. The children were really engaged and very much enjoyed their workshops. He was brilliant with the children and it was great to see how much they learnt

Salli Ali – Spanish Teacher – Broomfield House School

120 children from kindergarten to year 3


Canela Fina is a pleasure to work with, they are organized and well prepared prior to the workshops and their facilitators deliver engaging workshops which bring the Spanish language to life. We got to learn more Spanish and about Spanish speaking countries on our way to find Uncle Tito- it was very funny and interesting! Incredible workshop. Both children and adults really enjoyed themselves.”

Kerri Anne Bannon – Spanish teacher – Tidemil Academy

60 Year 4 students


“The workshop was highly engaging and really helped the students to learn Spanish, about culture, geography and also dance. They took away some great memories from the session as well as developing their listening, teamwork and creative thinking. Mar, the storytelling,  was an enthusiastic and highly engaging professional. She inspired the children with her energy and positivity and also was well-prepared throughout the session”.

Priya Dija – Education Worker and Primary FOCUS Co-ordinator IntoUniversity 

20 Year5 and Year6 students