All of us in the year 4 team, including the children, just wanted to say a massive thank you to Canela Fina involved in organising and running the Spanish workshop on Friday. All the children had a fantastic day and were really immersed in the activities. One boy in my class said, “It has been the best day ever!  The workshop helped the children gain an insight into Spanish culture, which provided a fun and meaningful context for pupils to realize the benefits of learning a new language. Muchas gracias!”

Natasha Craston – Teacher Chesterton Primary School (Flamenco Fun Workshops 60 Year 4 students)


“The Picasso workshop was fantastic. Gloria (visual artist) was able to present such a complex artist in such a way that all students were engaged and enjoying the event. If I had to give both Maria and Gloria a score from 1 to 10, I would give them 11, because the proved to be very serious and committed professionals, with sheer passion for their fields and, the most important thing, sheer passion for Spain and Spanish culture. Presentation was excellent, as it kept the students on task and focused.”

Ruth Picado – Head of Spanish – Portland Place 20 Year 7 students. (Picasso Workshop)



“The children enjoyed this explorative journey through the Latin American countries in which the story telling was brought to life with music, actions and props, not to mention very engaging and energetic work shop facilitators.  The pitch was adapted to meet the needs of the children and everyone (adults and children alike) thoroughly and enjoyed themselves and want to know when we can do it again!  Alejandro, the facilitator : skilled at working with the children and brought the workshop alive with his knowledge of dance.  A pleasure to work with.

Kerri-Anne Bannon – Spanish teacher Tidemill Academy  – (Viaje a Latinoamérica 120 Year 5 & 6 Students)


“Very organized and friendly to work with. María was responsive and patient while planning and organizing the day, adapting the resources and programme specifically to our needs. The musicians and dancers were first class and work extremely well with our 12 and 13 yr old pupils, talking to them in an appropriate manner so that teachers were able to take a back seat role and manage the other aspects of the day. The performance was first rate! Impressive dancing, music, guitar playing and singing – a true flamenco show!

Fantastic resources. Being able to choose which language to produce the dossiers and presentation in is perfect and adaptable”.

Martha Wathmough – Teacher of Spanish at Bristol Grammar School.  (Flamenco Workshop – 96 students  year 8)


“We thought it was really good and very well organised by Maria. It was great that they changed the classroom into a restaurant and all the resources were fantastic. Maybe keeping the session to thirty minutes maximum.

Emily –  Reception teacher – Bute House School. ( Healthy Food & Cooking Tapas workshop , 22 Reception children)..


“Overall it was an extremely good experience!  Everything else was fantastic – the resources, the information packs and the planning, which had evidently gone into it, were all of an exceptional standard.”

Jessica Dyer – Teacher of Spanish  – Chiswick School.  (Cooking and Flamenco Workshops:120 students  year 8 & 9)


“Presentation was excellent. It was perfect for yr.4. It was well organized, simple and clear. It made children get interested in the subject very quickly.  Videos were well selected. Children could see and compare flamenco dancing and singing from the past and from these days.  Accessories were very adequate for all children. All boys and girls had a nice and appropriate accessory to wear during their practice. Boys enjoyed wearing the ‘fajin’ and girls were also excited about wearing a flower on their heads.  Professionales: Great dancer, guitarist and percussionist, amazing approach to children, fantastic use of both languages during workshop.”

Marta López – Spanish teacher at Chesterton Primary School (Flamenco Fun Workshops 60 Year 4 students)


The lively and fun approach in the workshop has left a very pleasant memory with our pupils. They did enjoy the opportunity to act out and be involved. The props were lovely!

Colette Quirk – Head of MFL/Spanish – Northwood College  (Cervantes-Quijote Workshop: 60 students Year  7)


“The workshop was highly engaging and really helped the students to learn Spanish, about culture, geography and also dance. They took away some great memories from the session as well as developing their listening, teamwork and creative thinking. Mar, the storyteller, was an enthusiastic and highly engaging professional. She inspired the children with her energy and positivity and also was well-prepared throughout the session”.

Priya Daji – Spanish teacher – IntoUniversity Haringey ( Journey to Latin-America, 20 Year 5 and Year6 students)


‘Thank you again for the fantastic three days; everyone enjoyed themselves and I had superb feedback from all teachers, parents and kids.’

Ewa Ulejczyk – Head of MFL / Spanish – Southfield Primary School (Flamenco Storytellings and Fun Workshops: 450 students from EYFS to Year 6)


“A very humorous twist on a modern fairytale… who knew that Little Red Riding Hood was a karate expert?! The children absolutely loved the immersive experience of re-telling this children’s classic in a mixture of Spanish and English and learning lots of new vocabulary as they went.  A very valuable experience.  Mar, the facilitator: energetic and funny, able to positive relationships quickly with the children and adapt the pace of the sessions.  A pleasure to work with.”

Kerri-Anne Bannon – Spanish teacher Tidemill Academy  (3Little Pigs, Red riding Hood and the cool wolf  – 120 Year 3 & 4 Students)


Muy dinámicos e interesantes desde el punto de vista cultural. Las niñas se lo pasaron genial y aún hoy recuerdan el pañuelo como su juego favorito en español. Estuvo bien que María me preguntara con antelación si quería que hiciese alguno en particular, yo creo que eso es indispensable.

Rafaela Valle – Bute House School  (Traditional Games, 90 year 2 students)


‘Thank you for the amazing Flamenco workshop!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the drumming and dancing yesterday and the children really had a fantastic learning experience.’

Chloe Abbott – Teacher of Spanish – La Roche School (Flamenco Workshop: 60 students Year 4)


Students’ testimonials

Overall I enjoyed the flamenco workshop; it was really good to do something completely different from normal lessons. My favourite part was the session with the cajón, it was great fun! Thank you for organising the event.



I have really enjoyed the flamenco experience as I have never done any of it before. I learned a lot from this workshop and has inspired me to do more in the future. I found the time we had to learn the different bits was too short. However I loved the performance at lunchtime and I recommend this to everyone.



I have always loved dance but I never thought that flamenco would be up there with the top styles. I really enjoyed it. Thank you



I enjoyed the flamenco workshop due to the activities we did. Now, I have understood Spanish culture.



I really enjoyed the Flamenco workshop because it showed us the culture of Spain and showed me things that I didn’t know about. I think that, to make it even better, the girls and boys could be split up and could learn a different dance, which you could then share at the end. But, I think you should keep the cajón drumming and the history part as they were also very enjoyable and interesting. It may be quite hard to do all of this as it would mean you would need more places to rehearse and play in. Thank you very much for the opportunity, it was a great experience.