Team Building Flamenco Workshops

Our outstanding dancers and musicians (mostly Spanish), have many years experience leading team building groups and they are one of the best flamenco artists in London.


Main objectives:

An amazing cultural experience with real flamenco artists.

Learn how to dance flamenco and play the cajón (Spanish drum) and enjoy every minute.

Working as a team to have the best Flamenco performance




Workshop Structure


The multi-media presentation is varied, relevant and interesting and includes videos of flamenco being performed and is led by a dancer in traditional costume, a singer/cajon player and a guitarist.

Canela Fina Flamenco ensemble demonstration with 2 basic ‘palos’ (styles): Tangos and Rumba flamenca. Your team will focus on this performance and then go on to dance a short choreographed performance as a flamenco troupe.


Practical session: Dancing, Clapping, Body Percussion and Playing cajón with live guitar music

The group is divided into smaller groups. Women are given flowers and accessories to wear and men have red/blue satin cummerbunds to put on.


 1.- Dance session

Participants will learn how to clap and dance for Tangos/Rumba Flamenca led by the dancer. The session is accompanied by rhythmic guitar playing. “Flamenco posture” is introduced, as are musical concepts such as counting and feeling a pulse, clapping/stamping rhythmic patterns.


2.- Body percussion session

Flamenco body percussion creates rhythmic sounds and music using hands, feet and the body, by clapping, foot stomping and much more. This activity keeps participants engaged and active throughout the session The whole group is energised and unified and all join together to dance and use body percussion at the end of the session.


3.- Cajón session

The team is introduced to the cajón and encouraged to try out techniques to produce different sounds and the difference between open and closed hand clapping. Progression in this session is excellent, with extra challenges added in each time, and good use of differentiation for the varying levels in the group.

The group plays the cajón individually, taking turns to play cajón solos while the other team members maintain the clapping patterns, developing their ensemble skills and encouraging them to follow the session leader, as they give them clues to stop at the end of the pattern.


4.- Working as a team to have the best Flamenco performance

Each member of the team will be chosen by the flamenco teachers as either a dancer, clapper, singer or percussionist to play a different role in a flamenco ensemble, creating the desire to achieve the best results.

This workshop is not just about playing flamenco music and dancing, but also about working together as a team. Every member’s contribution is really important and creates that “feeling of passion”, the best end result of working together as a team.


All Workshops are bespoke depending on your needs, group size, age, available time, size of venue and budget.

You can give the participants a small memento of their day, as we sell small percussion instruments and different flamenco accessories that can be given out as a thank you for taking part. Ask us for further information.