Tango history, dancing and music!
KS3, KS4 and KS5


Join our Argentinian dancers and musicians in an exciting journey  of cultural adventure, rhythm and passion.


Tango is a popular dance and music originated in Buenos Aires over a century ago in the slums of Argentina and Uruguay.


–  Discover how Tango has evolved into a passionate and diverse art expression throughout a century of turmoil and migration with our interactive presentation.

– Feel the music at your fingertips with our musicians: bandoneón player, pianist and guitarist.

– Learn your first Tango steps with professional dance teachers in just one-off session, whilst improving your Spanish!





Workshop details:

Facilitators: Female tango dancer and male tango dancer/musician. Guitarist/pianist, optional.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Number of participants and sessions: 30 pupils per session and 5 sessions maximum





Another excellent workshop from Canela Fina. The students (and teachers!) enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the Argentine Tango and to expand their Spanish vocabulary at the same time. The dance teachers were very professional, engaging with appropriate level and impressive!

Holly Etherington – Head of Spanish – Latymer Upper School – 24 A-level students