Spain – topic for primary schools

Year 1, year2, year 3 and year 4


Bring Spain into your classroom for a cultural experience. Our native facilitators will give very interesting facts to your pupils about Spain and show then some flamenco steps, body percussion and music. All adjusted to the children age.

Our workshops revolve around these core principles:

1.-A real taste of every country: Spain (Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico also available).

2.-To enrich students with quality cultural activities to breakdown barriers and stereotypes.

3.-To encourage creativity, strengthen self-esteem and teamwork.

4.-To support social and personal skills development.



Workshop details:

From 1 dancer during 1 hour per group of 30 children to 2 dancers  from 9 to 3 with 300 children. Add lively guitar or/and percussion teachers to play cajón – Spanish-Peruvian drums.




“The children loved the flamenco solo workshop. I felt that it was very appropriate for the age group and the children loved the mixture between learning more about Spain and practically having a go at body percussion and dancing. The workshop was led very well”

Natasha – Teacher at St Clement Danes Primary School – 30 Year1 children learning about Spain as a topic