Mexico: Aztecs, Mayans and chocolate

KS1 and KS2


Would you like to explore Mexico’s ancient civilizations in a different way and get to know about the Mayans and Aztecs ?

Then look no further. Come along to our exciting workshop, where children will enjoy learning about Cocoa, “Food of the Gods”, by making chocolate shapes of a Mayan or Aztec God – depending on the age and capabilities of the children.


Our Spanish pastry chef will teach children how to make their Mayan or Aztec God shape onto card, work with warm chocolate to make the shape, cut it out and decorate it!

Yummy! Que rico!!!



Facts we include in this workshop about chocolate history, Mayans and Aztecs:

Mayans Civilization

The birthplace of chocolate |  When the Mayans discovered cocoa  |   How they made chocolate from cocoa beans called “Bitter water” | Word for chocolate  |When they used to drink chocolate | Where you can find cocoa pods painted art |Where they lived  | How are they alike?


Aztecs Civilization

When the Aztecs conquered the Mayans |  Where they lived  |   Aztec’s economy  |  Could the Aztecs grow cocoa beans?  |   Who did supply cocoa beans to them?   |  Aztecs Gods | Money for Aztecs | Word for chocolate  | Legend of the God “Quetzacoatl”  |  Where they lived  | How are they alike?


Workshop details:

Facilitator: Spanish Pastry Chef

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: up to 30 children

No kitchen needed, just tables, chairs and screen.





” The workshop was excellent yesterday, the children really enjoyed it. Please thank Demi so much for the super presentation” Miranda Jones – Merlin School – 18 year 1 pupils.