Canela Fina! offers Spanish and Latin-American music workshops which not only focus on Spanish language, but also have music, songs and dance at their very core, making our workshops truly unique.


  1. To promote Spanish and Latin-American music, dance and culture in Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form schools to students and their families. Workshops are designed to engage children with International music, learning with a real, authentic taste of that particular culture.
  2. To bring the best Spanish speaking, talented musicians and dancers in London, to showcase and teach quality dancing and music to children and families, with our workshops and fundraising events for schools.
  3.  To give access to all children, with a very inclusive approach to SEN children, as many of our facilitators have expertise in that area.
  4. To offer a programme to music teachers with high quality CPD, especially designed for them and their needs: flamenco, cajón, salsa, percussion instruments, singing, and castanets.

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