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Flamenco ensemble demonstration with 3 palos – styles: Sevillanas, Alegrias and Tangos. The multi-media presentation is varied, relevant and interesting, including videos adapted to the age of students performing flamenco and led by a dancer in traditional costume, singer/cajon player and guitarist.



A-Level flamenco presentation

A-Level flamenco presentation


The session focuses on the origins and history of Flamenco dancing and music, incorporating Spanish vocabulary, images, audio and video, live demonstrations and spoken explanations. Language used is aimed at children – the use of words is accessible for the specific age group.
30/40 minutes duration.

Practical session

The assembly classes are divided into smaller groups. Girls are given flowers to wear in their hair and boys have red/blue satin cummerbunds to put on.

Dance session

Children clap and dance for Tangos or Rumba Flamenca led by the dancer. The session is accompanied by rhythmic guitar playing, with the beat emphasised by the session leader, who gives clear counting for each bar.

This focuses on Flamenco rhythms using hand clapping, stamping and the cajón. “Flamenco posture” is introduced and musical concepts such as counting and feeling a pulse, clapping/stamping rhythmic patterns.


clapping session


Students are taught a series of simple steps, incorporating hand-clapping and stamping patterns that they will be taught in the music cajón session. This allows them to work with familiar material and to progress quickly with easy understanding, as more complex steps are added.
Spanish vocabulary is used to give simple instructions and children are encouraged to answer in Spanish.



danicng session

Cajón session

Children are introduced to the cajón, and encouraged to try out techniques to produce differing sounds, and the difference between open and closed hand clapping. There is an excellent progression in the session, with extra challenges added in each time, and good use of differentiation for the varying levels in the group.

The group plays the cajón individually, taking turns to play cajón solos while the other children maintain the clapping patterns as an ostinato, developing their ensemble skills and encouraging them to follow the session leader, as they give them clues to stop at the end of the pattern.

30 minute session just dancing, clapping and body percussion and 45 minute sessions dancing, clapping, body percussion and playing cajón. 30 students maximum in every group.




Salsa iscreen-shot-2016-07-14-at-15-45-15s a lively dance music from Cuba, New York and Puerto Rico. It has many different styles and Spanish and African influences. Students will learn about the history of salsa, styles and famous salsa singers from different periods in history (20 minutes duration). Followed by Salsa dancers demonstration.

Practical dancing lesson

Students will learn how to dance basic steps individually and in pairs with salsa dancers creating a piece of dance using a variety of body movements inspired by salsa dancers. They will develop creative approaches to movement and performance tailored to the needs of the group and the demands of the curriculum. They will also develop the ability to work in an ensemble to perform a short choreographed piece at the end of the session.

Playing percussion instruments

The percussion teacher will explain every instrument to the students and then they will try some of them out, following salsa rhythms. Instruments include: Bongos, cajón, campana, shaker, güiro and clave.
Facilitators: Salsa dancers and percussionist teacher.



Join our Argentinian dancers and musicians in an exciting journey  of cultural adventure, rhythm and passion.Tango is a popular dance and music originated in Buenos Aires over a century ago in the slums of Argentina and Uruguay.

– Discover how Tango has evolved into a passionate and diversed art expression thorough a century of turmoil and migration with our interactive presentation.

– Feel the music at your fingertips with our musicians: bandoleon player, pianist and guitarist.

– Learn your first Tango steps with professional dance teachers in just one-off session, whilst improving your Spanish!






Another excellent workshop from Canela Fina. The students (and teachers!) enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the Argentine Tango and to expand their Spanish vocabulary at the same time. The dance teachers were very professional, engaging with appropriate level and impressive!

Holly Etherington – Head of Spanish – Latymer Upper School – 24 A-level students




Albéniz, Falla and Granados.

This Workshop has been created to provide music students of all ages and abilities a creative approach to music with Spanish roots. The workshop combines music theory in Spanish, creativity and ensemble playing in a very formative and inspiring way.

Each workshop will be focused on a particular well-known Spanish composer; students will learn about their style and composition skills, together with the musical features that recreate in their music, an influence from the Spanish music heritage. At the end of the workshop, students will be encouraged to create their own compositions inspired in the style of that particular composer.



Very organized and friendly to work with. María was responsive and patient while planning and organizing the day, adapting the resources and programme specifically to our needs. The musicians and dancers were first class and work extremely well with our 12 and 13 yr old pupils, talking to them in an appropriate manner so that teachers were able to take a back seat role and manage the other aspects of the day. The performance was first rate! Impressive dancing, music, guitar playing and singing – a true flamenco show! Fantastic resources. Being able to choose which language to produce the dossiers and presentation in is perfect and adaptable”.

Martha Wathmough – Teacher of Spanish at Bristol Grammar School. (Flamenco Workshop – 96 students  year 8)
‘Thank you so much for a great cultural experience! Our beginner students now have an excellent understanding of the richness of Flamenco. All pupils enjoyed the colourful day and were particularly impressed with the different performers who encouraged all of them to have a go at dancing and playing the “cajón”.

A fun day was certainly had by all, with thanks to you, María for having prepared brilliant resources, and to Pablo, Ulises and Betty for a great performance and teaching. We would highly recommended you!!!’

Paloma Lozano, Teacher of Spanish at The Harrodian. (Flamenco Workshop–67 students year 7)