Healthy Food  & Cookery Tapas Experience

Reception to Year6

Discover wonderful Spanish food through a culinary experience.

We really believe that Spanish cuisine, based on the Mediterranean diet, is one of the richest and healthiest diets around.

We want students to enjoy and learn Spanish through the kitchen, creating a passion for our food along with healthy eating habits.

At the end of the workshop, students will have learnt more about healthy food, regional Spanish dishes, typical desserts and ways to stay healthy.

Facilitator: Chef  and  Spanish teacher – Maximum 30 participants – 1 hour duration.

For larger groups, please ask, we can run a maximum of 3 sessions in a day with 30 minutes to set up between sessions.

Food topic activities and recipes available.


Cooking facts from Spain1

Cooking facts from Spain!





“I could not be happier with this event outcome, I already knew it would be amazing but the end result was beyond it, both Demi and Ulises clearly showed how accustomed they are to work with children, they clicked with the students the minute the class entered the hall. Both the menu they prepared and the theory they went through was interesting, engaging and, the dishes, just scrumptious.

I had to give Demi a score, it would be something around 20 out of 10, what a great professional, well organized, brilliant at timing the activities, etc., and he clearly enjoys working with kids. Same score for Ulises, the way he conducted the theoretical part was outstanding, he managed to have all kids engaged, participating and showing a great enthusiasm. Presentation, videos and ingredients were outstanding, brilliant!”

Ruth Picado – Head of Spanish – Portland Place School ( 24 year 4, 5 & 6 students)


“Cooking Tapas Workshop has been an excellent experience for our children. It raised curiosity about Spanish traditional food. Children were extremely engaged. Our students enjoyed tasting typical Spanish tapas. It was a great social event, too! It seemed like a real tapas restaurant!

The chef was excellent and children could admire a real professional. He prepared all food in front of children. He explained how to cut some vegetables to have a really tasty gazpacho. He really inspire students and now they just want to make Spanish food in each Spanish lesson!

Children enjoyed looking at map of Spain and the food from each region. Slides about calcium, bones and healthy food were really interesting as they link with Science. ”

Marta López – Teacher of Spanish – Chesterton Primary School ( 60 year 5 & 6 students)


Workshop  was really good and very well organised by Maria. It was great that they changed the classroom into a restaurant and all the resources were fantastic. Children loved the bread and ham!!!

Emmily – Teacher – Bute House School – ( 25 reception students)