Flamenco Fun: Spanish, dancing, body percussion, clapping and live music

EYFS and year 1  to  Year 6


The heart and soul of Spain’s culture —Flamenco dancing! Enjoy the passion of this creative dance.

This workshop covers the five disciplines of flamenco: Dancing, Guitar, Cajón (flamenco drum), Clapping and Castanets.

Threaded with the history/meaning of flamenco and videos, this workshop will encourage Spanish learning through fun and music. Taught by professional Spanish teachers, who are also flamenco dancers, students will love the opportunity to experience the dance — just like a true flamenco ensemble!


We provide the instruments and accessories for a fun dress-up session

Facilitators: Flamenco dancer, guitarist and percussion teacher.

Maximum 30 children; for a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Option: dancing and clapping with guitar, 30 children 30 minutes duration.




” A big thank you”

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the workshops! There was not a single teacher who didn’t sing their praises for the activities. The assembly was the perfect length and the children loved the experience of workshops. I was touched seeing them dance, tap the rhythm and sing at the same time. Tower Hamlets is an area with many children from disadvantaged backgrounds and experience like this, especially of a different culture, always makes a huge difference to these children. Thanks again!

Kinga Nadolna –  Stebon Primay School  Spanish Day –  300 KS2 pupils


” The workshops were great. The kids loved them, particularly the dancing. Even some of the most challenging children were saying ‘thank you so much’, ‘I can dance flamenco’. All the teachers thanked me and said that they thought it was the best Spanish day we have had, and the workshops played the major part in that. I certainly hope we can have you back some time as a great time was had by all”.

Dolores Tobin, Spanish Teacher – Edward Wilson Primary School – Spanish Day with children from Nursery to year 6 – Flamenco workshop ans storytelling

“Querida María, today was an absolute triumph! The standard of flamenco was breathtaking. I will be dreaming of flamenco tonight! However, your duo provided more than this. Ester has the ability to teach and engage very young children, some with special needs. The results were memorable and the memories for children and staff are priceless. ¡Olé! Muchísimas gracias”.

Sarah Kirkman – Spanish teacher – Brookham Primary School – Children from 4 to 9 years old


Just to say thank you for an amazing ‘workshop’ and celebration of the Spanish curriculum link. The presenters, lady and guy was wonderful. The presenters had the kids attention throughout the presentation. The assembly part was well organised and suited the interest of the kids.

The highlight was obviously when we all learnt how to do the dance. The presenters broke down the moves and  the claps and made it accessible  to all the learners no matter what the ability. Thank you for arranging it all, it was amazing and will stay with me, and kids for a long time. Canela Fina must be on our speed dial for the future.”
Oriol  Cobacho – Spanish MFL Teacher – Altmore and Lathom School`s Federation – 120 Year 4 children

All of us in the year 4 team, including the children, just wanted to say a massive thank you to Canela Fina involved in organising and running the Spanish workshop on Friday. All the children had a fantastic day and were really immersed in the activities. One boy in my class said, “It has been the best day ever!

The workshop helped the children gain an insight into Spanish culture, which provided a fun and meaningful context for pupils to realize the benefits of learning a new language. Muchas gracias!”

Natasha Craston – Teacher Chesterton Primary School


“Presentation was excellent. It was perfect for yr.4. It was well organized, simple and clear. It made children get interested in the subject very quickly.

Videos were well selected. Children could see and compare flamenco dancing and singing from the past and from these days.

Accessories were very adequate for all children. All boys and girls had a nice and appropriate accessory to wear during their practice. Boys enjoyed wearing the ‘fajin’ and girls were also excited about wearing a flower on their heads.

Professionals: Great dancer, guitarist and percussionist, amazing approach to children, fantastic use of both languages during workshop.”

Marta López – Spanish teacher at Chesterton Primary School – 60 Year 4 students

Flamenco shoes