Flamenco Experience


The heart and soul of Spain’s culture — Flamenco dancing!

Enjoy the passion of this creative dance.

This workshop covers the five disciplines of Flamenco: Dancing, Guitar, Cajón (Spanish drum), Clapping and Castanets.

Threaded with the history/meaning of Flamenco and videos, this workshop will encourage Spanish learning through fun and music.

Taught by professional Spanish teachers, who are also Flamenco dancers, students will love the opportunity to experience the dance — just like a true flamenco ensemble!

We provide the instruments and accessories for a full dress-up session.

Facilitators: Flamenco dancer, Guitarist and percussion teacher.

Maximum 30 children; from 1 hour and 30 minutes duration.

Activities based on Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem and his love for flamenco “Verde que te quiero Verde” – Spanish teacher Optional. Adjust to GSCE, AS and A Level.


Flamenco dancing

Flamenco dancing



Another fantastic workshop! Fast-paced, authentic, challenging and rewarding! Canela Fina were easily to work with and professional throughout the planning and delivery of the workshop – will be sure to repeat it again next year.

All professionals were fantastic! Having Ulises and Jesús repeating was useful as they knew the workshops we did last year, the types of students we have etc.

Alejandra, the dancer is a fantastic teacher, very efficient and effective, will demonstration and wasted no time in getting started. In control and flexible about space etc.

Cuffy, professional and great guitarist. Arrived promptly and was easy to set-up; absolutely no fuss and was great in the school environment.

Ulises: Great delivery of the presentation to get the most out of the students. Cajón workshop, was well-organised (especially in a restricted space).

Jesús: Managed the body percussion workshop perfectly, and students enjoyed it! Good explanation at the beginning of the special aspect of his shoes. Staff commented on his dancing during the “show”!

Resources: presentation, activities and videos

Wonderful! Plenty to discuss with students and the presentation was delivered mainly in Spanish with some English reinforcement; this worked well as some students responded in Spanish, without being prompted. Some history about Flamenco was great and the classroom resources to use either before or as a follow-up, mean that we can make it a core part of the Year 8 Scheme of Work, rather than just a one-off “fun” activity (it gives it an educational base).

Martha Wathmough – Teacher of Spanish at Bristol Grammar School.

(Flamenco Workshop – 106   year 8 students)