FAQ’s from Schools


Schools often ask similar questions about workshops, so find below a list of the most frequent questions we are asked. Please contact us for further information if you are unable find the answer to your question:


– Do you come into schools?

Yes. Our facilitators come to your school with props, instruments and everything that is needed for the session.

– What geographical areas do you cover?

We are primarily based in London doing all kind of workshops, but also work with a flamenco troupe in Birmingham, Dorset, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Bristol, so the further your location is from one of these cities, the higher your quote is likely to be (taking into account the additional cost of transport and/or accommodation expenses if needed).

To date we have run several kinds of workshops in the following cities and 60/80 miles from there: London, Reading, Windsor, Kent and Surrey.

Counties: Middlesex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Wiltshire, Maidstone, Guildford.

Flamenco and Salsa Workshop and Storytelling: Besides the above cities, we are able to come to Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cambridge, and surrounding areas up to 80 miles.

Cooking Workshops: Please ask, as our facilitator can travel up to 150 miles outside London.

Note: If several schools in a particular area are interested in the same kind of workshop, it would make sense to co-ordinate dates and we could remain in an area for a few consecutive days. This would ultimately reduce the costs and the expenses could be divided amongst all the schools involved.



– How many pupils do you have per workshop?

Our workshops are very interactive and hands-on, so for that reason we don’t advise you to have more than 30 pupils per session per facilitator, in order to involve all participants. Our aim is to improve language, music, dancing, art and cooking skills! The lower the number of participants, the better the experience!



Do you have different types of sessions?

Yes, we offer different type of sessions, please ask for other type of session you have in mind:

1.-Spanish, Latin-American cultural days for the whole school or large groups.

We tend to kick off with a interactive themed presentation with music during assembly, this can be with a dancing and music demonstration for the wow-factor and then we would split the big group in smaller ones, 30/60 students maximum per 35/45 minute sessions in different places (hall, music room, big room, kitchen, etc…) For example we have done “Spanish day” with 4 sessions going on at the same time with 150 students and a total of 22 workshops over the course of one day.

2.- One-off sessions: we would have a maximum of 30 students per Workshop and 60 children per storytelling sessions and 4 or 5 sessions throughout the course of the day (5-10 minute gap to set up in between sessions needed, school break and lunch).

3.- Cooking sessions have a 1.5h to 2 hours duration and a maximum of 2-3 sessions a day. Our chef and assistant need 30 minutes to set up between sessions. No kitchen needed.



– What requierements are needed for the workshops?

Space: A large, clear space for an assembly presentation, dancing demonstrations, dancing and cajon – Spanish drum practical lessons and storytelling.

Cooking workshops: We don’t need a kitchen on-site, just a classroom with 2 big tables for the chef to set up a portable oven and 5-6 tables with chairs for participants.

Art workshops: art room is ideal, but we can run the art Workshops in any classroom or in a hall on the floor depending on how special you want this session to be.

Facilities and materials: A screen and computer to connect a USB for the presentation, speakers/micro/PA system for dancing/music, a table for props and accessories and a chair for the guitarist.

Cooking workshops: we bring all disposable kitchenware accessories, a portable oven, whisks and ingredients.

Art workshops: materials not included. Check materials needed at each type of session on our website.



– Are all Canela Fina facilitators DBS/CRB Checked?

Yes, all of our facilitators are CRB/DBS checked.

With regards to some flamenco professionals, like guitarists, on the odd occasion they may need to have a chaperone, but we would of course advise you in advance, to gain your permission.



– When do I need to book? How far in advance?

Schools tend to book at least 6 months in advance to secure their desired date. The time scale can of course be much shorter as we confirm every booking as soon as we have a deposit paid. The outstanding remainder of the quote should be paid a month before session date.

We would recommend booking well in advance for some special dates like 26th September for European day of Languages, the 1st week of November for Day of the Dead festivities, 12th October for “Dia de la Hipanidad”, Healthy Week and of course for the months of May/June/July when most Spanish/international days tend to be celebrated in schools.



– Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we take a deposit and it is  non refundable in case of cancellation, as all facilitators are booked in advance and as a consequence are unable to accept other events on the specified date. We will invoice you with the rest of the quote one month before workshop date, full payment have to be done before this date.

Cancellations and refund policy

Schools cancellations

Deposits are non refundable. For the remaining 50% invoiced, refunds are made with the following terms: 75% 3 weeks before the date, 50% 2 weeks before, 25% one week before the date and non refundable if cancellation take place less than 1 week before the date.

Canela Fina may decide not to do the above cancellation provisions if the school gives an alternative date for the workshops, entirely at Canela Fina discretion.

Canela Fina will reschedule the workshops if Canela Fina is forced to cancel or postpone them for any reasons.



– How do I Book?

First choose the kind of workshops you would like to have in your school, contact us for a quote and availability to reserve the date. We will then send you an invoice for the deposit to be paid to confirm the booking. A second invoice will be sent out a month before the date that we are due to come your school to have the best experience ever!!!



– How much do you charge?

The price depends on the number of facilitators coming to your school and the number of sessions they run during the day. To produce an accurate quote for you, we need to know:

The kind of workshops or storytelling required, the school postcode, the nearest train/tube station to your school, the number of participants per year group and your chosen date, in order to check availability.

A few examples of quotes for schools based in central London:

Storytelling session with 1 facilitator from £165, International day with dancers and musicians up to 240 students from £650.




– Do you charge travel costs?

We charge the cost of travel per facilitator when coming to schools outside cities like Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol and also outside zones 1, 2 and 3 in London. We try to charge the minimum cost possible, so our workshops can be affordable for your school.

Note: Your school will have to pay an £11.50 daily charge if you are within the Congestion Charge zone and we need to come by car (cooking and cajón workshops).




– Wen do you arrive?

Facilitators will arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the session to set up in the hall, and 30 minutes before if they need to change into costume *flamenco, salsa and tango dancers, storyteller outfit, etc…




– Do you have a Risk Assessment and Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we do have both.

We have a Risk Assessment for all workshops with some special indications for flamenco and cooking sessions. This risk assessment covers all the work we do in schools. Ask for a copy if you need it.

A copy of our Public Liability policy which covers up to £1.000.000 is available for your school to check should you require.