Frida Kahlo Mexican painter – Spanish and Art

From year 3 to year 6


Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón was a very famous Mexican painter, well known for her self portraits.

Children will be encouraged to learn aspects of Mexican culture and Spanish language via the Arts and the process of self expression, exploring  Frida’s inspirational life and her most famous paintings (adjusted to the age of the students).

Through the creation of a masterpiece, children have the opportunity to further develop their understanding of this magnificent female painter. They will work on their own creative ideas using the facts learn to make a masterpiece with Kahlo influence.




Objectives: The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize the students with Mexican art while advancing their language development in Spanish.

Workshop details:

Facilitators: Visual artist / Art-Spanish teacher

Maximum 30 students per session from 1  hour duration.

Please ask for further information to visit V&A – Frida Kahlo exhibition in June 2018 with our Visual Artist (Pre or post Art & Spanish workshop available)

This workshop can be adjusted to cater for larger groups of students in Spanish, English or both languages, please ask for further information.

 Other artists available: Picasso, Dalí, Miró etc… please ask for further details.






“Thank you so much Maria for the Assembly and workshops yesterday. Everyone in the school has been amazed. The girls had such a good time, that today some of them brought ‘thank you’ cards! They enjoyed everything 100% and teachers too. They told me about the facilitators high level engaging the girls, so they enjoyed and were “absorbed” and “buzzed” with the experiences 🙂 You have a great team of professionals! Dancers, visual artist and storytellers. Everybody.

Rafaela Valle – Spanish teacher – Bute House School